Monday, January 7, 2013


Finally got the tank and fender back from the painters.  Sik Werks in Seattle did a nice job. Brian and Ken are great guys and really took the time to work with me on the details. The black is very deep and clear, looks like you could fall into it.  Put the tank on, and had to route a crossover fuel line under the tank to equalize the 2 sides of the tank.

Overall, there are still too many wires and hoses showing – not sure how all those pro builders get such a clean look.  Part of it is the bike has a lot of wires and tubing due to the fuel injection. If I redid the wiring harness, I could hide more under the tank, but for now I just want to get it on the road.  

Finally filled up the gas tank - holds 3.5 gallons total. Not sure what the stock Suzuki tank held, but I must have lost a half gallon or so with the knee cutouts. Anyway, my one concession to form over function. Put on some bar end mirrors and took a few more photos. Ok, that's two.

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